1 Jan 1970

First track released from Footballers' Wives The Musical

First track released from Footballers' Wives The Musical
Released today on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Deezer and all major platforms... 

Alice Fearn sings "Don't Lose It" from Footballers' Wives The Musical. 

Let's wind back to 2002 when Premier League Football was the new Rock 'n' Roll - with the money, the glamour and the bad behaviour to match. 

Footballers' Wives follows the fall and rise of the fabulously flawed Tanya Turner, Captain's wife and old school femme fatale, as she struggles to save her marriage and the career of her cheating husband Jason.  

At this point in the story, Tanya has just blown an intimate moment with Jason by bringing up the subject of Frank Laslett. He's the club chairman who Tanya sort-of-accidentally thought she'd killed and left for dead at the roadside, only to find he's now in hospital in a coma, at risk of waking up and remembering what happened that night.  

Haunted by visions of Frank looming over her and with Jason's contract renewal hanging in the balance, Tanya's on the edge. But Jason reckons it's her problem not his. His parting shot: "Sorry, darlin'. I'm off out with the lads. So don't you worry about my job. Just don't blame me if I have to get someone else to do yours."

Arrangements & Music Production by Joe & Nikki Davison, Auburn Jam Music

Keyboards, French Horn, Bass & Programming - Joe Davison
Guitar, Clarinet, Alto Sax - Nikki Davison
Violin - Jessie May Smart
Cello - Sophie Gledhill

The follow-up song "Game On!' is out 18th Feb 2022.

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