1 Jan 1970

Crush Reviews Round Up

Crush Reviews Round Up

Our roundup of review links for Crush on Tour 2015. 

'Lashings of jolly good fun.' 
Catherine Vonledebur, Coventry Telegraph ★★★★

'A winning take on schoolgirl passions...Inspired, spot-on precision.'
Roderic Dunnett, The Independent ★★★★

'Crush has wit and originality, heart and soul, and of course some cracking songs - if it were a GCSE it would be an A from me.'
Gill Sutherland, Stratford Herald

'Director Anna Linstrum has done a wonderful job in drawing out all of the finer details within Chadwick's script. Richard Roe's choreography is a joy.'
Jenny Antill,

'It's great fun and riddled with catchy songs with witty lyrics.'
William Stafford, Views from a Bum

'This new musical comedy has all the heart-warming elements of those noble and charming girls' boarding school novels of yesteryear; laced with hearty humour, singable songs and nifty dance routines. If Crush isn't a huge hit, I'll eat my hockey stick.' 
Chris Eldon Lee, What's On Warwickshire/Birmingham ★★★★★

'A crackingly good show with a huge tender heart.' 
Roderic Dunnett, Behind The Arras ★★★★

'Lashings of fun and jolly hockey sticks - will surely go further, even into the hallowed realms of becoming a cult classic.'

'Beautifully put together and performed. The company are first class.'
Andrew Kay, The Latest ★★★★

'The ensemble is strong; their voices are pitch-perfect. Kath Gotts’ musical numbers are original, catchy and toe-tapping. A thoroughly enjoyable evening.'
Tig Land, Fringe Guru ★★★★

'An energetic exuberant show performed with verve. Kath Gotts’ numbers are catchy, frothy fun and the talented ensemble does them proud.'
Tracey Sinclair, The Exeunt Magazine ★★★

'Undeniably enjoyable 'Girls Own' romp.' 
David Fargnoli, The Stage ★★★

'Crush taps into the subversive undercurrents of its source and brings them to the fore, producing a show that’s boldly queer and a little bit crazy, yet with enough innocent exuberance to make it family-friendly, too.'

'With a smart, slick book by Maureen Chadwick the story is well paced and never drags. Composer and lyricist Kath Gotts produces song after song of memorable, foot tapping tunes. This fast paced, energetic production is directed by the ever impressive Anna Linstrum.'
Laura-Jane Foley, London Theatre 1 ★★★★

'This delightfully quirky coming-of-age musical boasts an impressive musical score by composer and lyricist Kath Gotts who might well become one of the major players in British musical theatre. A thoroughly enjoyable show for a great evening out.'
Carolin Kopplin, UK Theatre Network