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Crush - Diversity Role Models Schools Outreach

Crush - Diversity Role Models Schools Outreach

Crush - Schools Workshops with Diversity Role Models

Funding from Big Broad and our successful Kickstarter appeal enabled DRM to deliver nine days of workshops to eight schools across the regions where Crush was performed. DRM told us: "The impact of this funding was amazing, bringing about a significant shift in attitudes and allowing young people to discuss these very important issues in a safe and open environment. DRM’s key messages in the workshops are very much echoed in the show and we are extremely grateful to everyone involved for helping to bring these messages into schools and communities."

Here's a selection of the feedback received from students who took part in the workshops:

What do you think the main messages were?

“That everyone is equal, we are who we are and no one can change that”
“That don't choose the word gay for a nasty term because it can really hurt someone”
“Be kind to everyone and don't judge them on what they look like”
“Don't judge something by its cover and to not discriminate LGBT people”

How did the workshop change your opinion on LGBT people?

“That you shouldn't change who you are for someone else”
“It helped me see what actually happens to them”
“It made me feel like LGBT are not a bad thing”
“It changed my views to be more positive”

What one thing could you do to prevent LGBT bullying?

“Explain what it actually means and the affect it has on LGBT people”
“Stop it and explain other stories and feelings”
“Not join in, or laugh at the jokes used”
“This workshop will really help, please show the other students”
“Make them think of their position”
“Stop saying that's so gay”

Feedback from teachers:

“Very well led. The stories were the most powerful point. Students were very responsive”
“Great! Opened their eyes to what the world is like”
“Great seeing the students being challenged”
“Positive impact on pupils helping them to think about these difficult issues in a safe environment”

A few example statistics from the workshops: 

At a school in Coventry 53.6% of pupils said that they used the phrase "that's so gay" at the start of the workshop. By the end only 4.6% said they would use that phrase in future. 

In Brighton 97% of pupils said they would treat a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender person better now and 94% would challenge bullying when they saw or heard it. 

In Richmond 32% of pupils said they used the phrase "that's so gay" at the start of the workshop and only 8% said they would still use it after. 

10% thought that someone who is gay would feel comfortable 'coming out' at school before a workshop.  34% thought that someone who is gay would feel comfortable 'coming out' at school after a workshop.

Diversity Role Models takes an inspiring and pro-active approach to dealing with the attitudes that can lead to homophobic bullying in schools and gives pupils the understanding to challenge stereotypes and accept difference. Big Broad are delighted to have been able to support their valuable work and we give huge thanks to all our Kickstarter contributors who helped to make it happen. Let's all "crush" homophobia together! 

Find out more about Diversity Role Models and their work

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